Exhibit at SLC Mini Maker Faire

Salt Lake City Mini Maker Faire is a festival to celebrate MAKING. Maker Faires feature a broad range of projects and makers to create a fun, educational, and entertaining event and to celebrate the community spirit of making.

  • science + engineering
  • architecture + shelter + design
  • fiber arts + paper craft + printmaking
  • interactive & green technology
  • recycling, upcycling & swapping
  • photography + film + modified vehicles + fire & light art
  • electronics + robotics + Arduino & other microcontrollers
  • recreation + permaculture + homesteading + DIY solutions
  • toys + interactive games + fun for kids and adults
  • tools, equipment, kits & DIY resources
  • and more!

Exhibiting as a maker at SLC Mini Maker Faire is typically FREE if you are simply showing and sharing your project(s) as a hobbyist or non-commercial endeavor.

There is a fee for individuals, small companies, and startups to sell any products at the Faire ($50-250 depending on the type of exhibit and exhibitor, with discounts up to 100% depending on how interactive the exhibit is for Fairegoers). Established nonprofit organizations, institutions, and larger companies are encouraged to sponsor Salt Lake City Mini Maker Faire which includes significant sponsor benefits.

Visit Maker Faire for inspiration or apply now to participate as a maker at Salt Lake City Mini Maker Faire.