Maker Exhibits, Workshops, and Activities

The Call for Makers for the 2017 Salt Lake City Mini Maker Faire is now open! APPLY HERE  

Salt Lake City Mini Maker Faire is a festival about MAKING. Maker Faires feature a broad range of projects from hobbyist to commercial.

science + engineering + technology + architecture + shelter + design + sewing + paper craft + printmaking + recycling + upcycling + photography + film + modified vehicles + fire & light art + electronics + robotics + Arduino + Raspberry Pi & other microcontrollers + recreation + permaculture + urban farming + DIY solutions + toys + interactive games + fun for kids and adults + tools, equipment, kits & DIY resources and more!


Past maker exhibits at the Salt Lake City Maker Faire:

Quadcopter Challenge

Cardboard Obstacle Course

Mr. Reese Monsters and Robots

Build Camp: Drift Trikes

Build Camp: Pump Drills and Wooden Robots

Utah Air Quality Solutions: Portable Air Purifier

SPARtool – Outdoor and Survival Tool

The Leonardo: Rubber-Band Powered Cars

The Leonardo: Make Your Own Wind Turbine!

RigidBot 3D printer

Phenakistoscope + Zoetrope— Pedal Power Animation

Imagine That 3D: 3D Modeling Workshop

Imagine That 3D: 3D Scans + Printing

Imagine That 3D: 3D Pen Demos

Mölkky Skittles Game

Brackitz: Toys for Hands-On Making, Building and Engineering

Blackburn Studios: Large-scale Cyanotype Print + Tintype and Wet Plate Demo

First Lego League Teams

Droids (R2D2!)

Giant Cardboard Origami Plane Mobiles

Great Salt Make Sewathon: Upcycled Fashion

Live Screenprinting for SLC Maker Faire T-Shirts (EVOK Clothing Collective)

Time Lapse Photography