Exhibits, Workshops, and Activities

Salt Lake City Mini Maker Faire is a festival about MAKING. Maker Faires feature a broad range of projects from hobbyist to commercial.

science + engineering + technology + architecture + shelter + design + textile arts + paper craft + printmaking + recycling + upcycling + photography + film + modified vehicles + fire & light art + electronics + robotics + Arduino + Raspberry Pi & other microcontrollers + recreation + permaculture + urban farming + DIY solutions + toys + interactive games + fun for kids and adults + tools, equipment, kits & DIY resources and more!

Make Salt Lake Makerspace
Twitterbooth (as seen at SL Comic Con)
ProVolt Promotes Levitation (Provo Makerspace)
Bridgerland Area Maker Movement
Cardboard Challenge (Caine’s Arcade)
Quadcopter Challenge
Cardboard Obstacle Course
Mr. Reese Monsters and Robots
Utah Underwater Robotics
Ardusat: Cubesats for Education
Utah Museum of Natural History
Wolverine Robotics (Hunter High School)
Identifying & Eating Common Weeds
Build Camp: Hovercraft
Build Camp: Drift Trikes
Build Camp: Pump Drills and Wooden Robots
Utah Air Quality Solutions: Portable Air Purifier
Ceramic Lamps with Arduino
BioEYES Utah with Zebrafish and Microscopes
“The Tessera” Game Development Studio
Ultimate Car Camping Patrol Box
Calvin’s Electric Board
SPARtool – Outdoor and Survival Tool
RainCloud Passive Handwashing Device
Ultrascope/Open Space Agency (Matt Nelson): DIY Telescopes
Woodworking with ShapeOko CNC
The Leonardo: Rubber-Band Powered Cars
The Leonardo: Make Your Own Wind Turbine!
Boxbot 3D Printer
Ionic SoulSonic: Musical Tesla Coil
Addicore: Electronic Kits for Making
RigidBot 3D printer
Hand Drawn Photo Booth
Phenakistoscope — Pedal Power Animation
Imagine That 3D: 3D Modeling Workshop
Imagine That 3D: 3D Scans + Printing
Imagine That 3D: 3D Pen Demos
Mölkky Skittles Game
Brackitz: Toys for Hands-On Making, Building and Engineering
3.14 Things to do with a Raspberry Pi
Utah Games Guild: Gaming District
Thanksgiving Point Youth Makerspace: Worbla Cuffs
GeekCook Chic oh Geek — Cooking Chemistry
Making Fandom Cool!
Lars Love Letters Paper Studio
Printspace 3D: Altair 3D Printer
Wish Bracelet Jewelry Making with Vintage Beads, Charms and Objects
Utah State University Extension / 4H: Rocket Frenzy, Mobile Maker Trailer
Tim Little Art: Recycled Metal Sculptures
Blackburn Studios: Large-scale Cyanotype Print + Tintype and Wet Plate Demo
First Lego League Teams
Droids (R2D2!)
Enormous Cardboard Origami Plane Mobiles
Yellow Submarine Art Car
Learn to Solder
Lock Mechanics
Great Salt Make Sewathon: Upcycled Fashion
Live Screenprinting for SLC Maker Faire T-Shirts (Revolution United)