Raincloud – Handwashing Device

RainCloud is a passive hand washing device designed for areas with limited water resources. It could be used in disaster zones, in countries without water infrastructure, at campsites, or at dry cabins. At I-SWEEEP (International Sustainable World Energy Engineering Environment Project) Olympiad 2015, RainCloud received bronze recognition in the category of engineering.

RainCloud is simply made from bar plastic, machined to be press fitted into any used 2 liter bottle, the refillable water source. Conserving 95% of water for hand washing, RainCloud passively creates a gland seal upon the removal of pressure without leaking.

Raincloud is relevant because the highest cause of death in areas with limited water resources (refugee camps, disaster zones) is diarrhea, cause by a lack of sanitation. RainCloud also has recreational use outdoors: while backpacking, camping, or using a dry cabin.

Morgan is a high school senior and RainCloud is a Girl Scout Sustainable Gold Award.


Morgan Barron