Homemade CNC Router

I built this router about ten years ago as a first attempt and planned on building a bigger, better, faster, stronger one once I figured it out. It is slow and not too impressive compared to the machines on the market today, but I have learned a lot and had a lot of fun in the process. I bought the electronics and motors in a kit but have modified them over the years. The machine is all my design and handy work and I still enjoy watching it run. Design work was done in Auto-CAD and the fabrication was done in my messy garage (as seen in pictures).
At first I programmed projects by hand and experimented with some of the free converters and software available on line. I experimented, with limited success, writing my own program for engraving signs. In the end I broke down and purchased VCarve Pro from Vectric.

Makers: Nathan Powell, Becky Powell, Daniel Powell

powell.people7 @ gmail. com