AT ST Roving Costume

This project started 3 yrs ago. And it all started from a pair of drywall stilts that were being thrown away at my work — knowing I had to us them for a costume of some sort. After much pondering, I eventually landed on this one. Building from miniature paper models I had found on line I set to work to integrate myself inside it. After making the head I took it to a costume contest at the Gallivan Center and won 2nd place. Later I got the feet and body done and took it to the first Comic Con, Fan X. I had the legs done and I entered it in the costume contest and won 2nd again in the beginners. I have taken it to Fantasy Con and all the Comic Cons and Fan X events here in Salt Lake. [Editor’s Note: And now the Salt Lake City Mini Maker Faire, too!)

Made from cardboard, hot glue, plastic sink tubing and lock pins for the joints, spray paint and duct tape and of course drywall stilts.


Rauben Rib Creed