Active Learning Lab

We just finished a year-long project working with a high school and a middle school to utilize a newly built Fab Lab to design activities to expose students to STEM through the use of e-textiles, 3-D printing, Arduino technology and programming. We look forward to sharing some of our work with SLC Maker Faire. Young visitors will be able to explore science concepts related to electricity and circuits as well as design-thinking while making an e-textile artifact (e.g. wristband) using LEDs, conductive thread, and other necessary supplies. This activity is most appropriate for students in grades 3-12, since it involves sewing with a needle. We will have face painting supplies for people to use to express themselves as a maker. You will have a chance to win a prize each hour, so come visit for your chance to win!


Utah State University Makers:
Dr. Taylor Martin and Dr. Sarah Brasiel and Graduate Research Assistants: Dallin Graham, Scott Smith, and Soojeong Jeong.
Design activities developed Summer 2013 by Dr. Deborah Fields, Tommy Amely, and Janell Amely