Bend Labs – VR with Virtual Hands

Be human in the virtual world We’ve built the worlds most advanced technology for measuring human movement.Solving hand presence is just the beginning. We set out to solve a very basic but fundamental problem: How do we digitize our physical movements so that we can get virtual access to our physical selves? Come try it […]

Alex’s Costume and Food Creations

Homemade sci-fi/fantasy costumes from Alex the Movie Geek, plus incredible edible food creations. I make: cosplay, costumes, props, movies, geek, food, candy, chocolate.

Homemade Lightning – Spark Gap Tesla Coil

A spark gap Tesla coil using two neon sign transformers for a total power consumption of 1.4 kW. Arcs from it have reached 31″ long, and it looks like something out of a movie. I built it during my sophomore and junior years in high school.  

Animatronic Monster

I will be showing the development and inner workings of an animatronic monster at SLC Mini Maker Faire. I’ll also be showing a steel back pack made of an antique heater, notebooks, and other projects I’ve worked on through Rusted Friend, my fabrication shop. We use Arduino, CNC, traditional woodworking, screen printing, amature welding, 3D modeling — really […]

UTNG Kids Maker Club Projects

We as a military maker club have made several things we want to bring and show: corn hole boards, rubber band cross bows, hidden alarm, kick stick, hover craft cd.

American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

Come learn about the century old art of watchmaking and clockmaking! See demonstrations of how watch and clock parts are made and put together a real working clock. You’ll want to make time for the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute’s exhibit! The American Watchmakers Clockmakers-Institute represents a community of craftsmen and craftswomen dedicated to the art of […]

Utah Drone Racing, Freestyle and Tiny Whooping!

The original Tiny Whoop is a modified micro drone, a Blade Inductrix to be exact. By adding a camera, upgrading some motors and making one or two small tweaks, instead of a cute LOS (line of sight) “toy” drone, you now have an incredibly fun FPV (first person view) race craft. Since then all sorts […]

Play-Well TEKnologies and Lego

Play-Well TEKnologies teaches hands on STEM to kids using LEGO. We are bringing several motorized and mechanical pre-built Lego projects such as pneumatic claws and conveyor belts for attendees to test out and learn some engineering.