Screenprinting with EVOK Clothing Collective

Be sure to stop by EVOK Clothing Collective’s booth and bring your own blank T-Shirt/Bag/Sweater and you can screen print your choice of multiple local artist designs or the Mini Maker Faire logo.

AT ST Roving Costume

This project started 3 yrs ago. And it all started from a pair of drywall stilts that were being thrown away at my work — knowing I had to us them for a costume of some sort. After much pondering, I eventually landed on this one. Building from miniature paper models I had found on […]

Prop Fabrication with Recycled Materials

Hraefn will exhibit examples of, discuss and perform limited demonstration of his artistic and prop build techniques using paper, cardboard and other re purposed materials.

Phenakistiscope — Pedal Power Animation

Spin the phenakistiscope to see how old-timey animation works or try making your own with the chalkboard version. Phenakisitiscopes were the first widespread animation machines that gave the illusion of fluent motion (like we see in film). They originated in the early 1800s. This version is built using upcycled bicycle parts and wood disks left over from spools of […]

LED Color Bot

This is an interactive user experience where your hands are the controller. Programmed with arduino, this bot will simulate the movement of your hands and do a light painting following those movements. It uses a three axis gyro board to sense movements that are directly connected to the LEDs.

Virtual Reality — Oculus and Gear VR

The Oculus DK2 is a distinctive experience. Join us in exploring this new universe and pushing the limits of human existence! We have some unique things to offer the VR community. Our organizer Chris Madsen is well known as “deeprifter” in the VR world. He is our connection to the current happenings in the VR […]

Imagine That 3D

We’ll be demo-ing 3D filament, 3D pens, 3D printers, 3D scans — pretty much the full gamut of 3D printing! At Imagine That 3D, we harness 3D Printing to help everyone make and share designs with the world, making product design more accessible, personal, and inspiring. Watch your imagination come to life! Our vision is to bring affordable […]

Make Salt Lake – Makerspace

Make Salt Lake is a makerspace located in downtown Salt Lake City. The community-run space features a wood shop, electronics, 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutter, leather tooling, and community support to work on all of your projects.