Sonic Sculpture

  The Sonic Sculpture was commissioned as one of the honorarium art projects at this years Burning Man festival, and the Utah regional Burning Man event, Element 11. The Sonic Sculpture is an interactive musical sculpture; part futuristic sculpture, part musical instrument. Participants are welcome to interact with the piece and explore first hand the […]


PicassoBot is an open source drawing arm robot that can take pictures from the computer or an Android camera and sketch them on paper. USB powered and Arduino compatible, this robot kit is perfect for learning at all ages.

Nautilus, Jr.

This is an underwater robot, modeled after the OpenROV designs ( It was built from scratch out of acrylic and aluminum.

Ardusat – Cubesats for Education

Ardusat is an education technology company that provides the unique opportunity to connect the universe to the classroom. With our next generation learning resources, students can create their own satellite experiments and collect real-world space-data. We provide teachers with STEM learning resources, professional development, and hands-on materials that give students an experience that is truly […]

Addicore – Electronics Kits and Supplies

The makers at Addicore are focused on bringing great electronic parts and kits to makers like ourselves. Whether you are a maker at home in your garage or basement, a maker at a local hackerspace, a student working on a project, an educator, or even an engineer in industry, we want you to be able […]

FRC Team 3230 PrototypeX

X-cidium is 119 lb. aluminum wonder built in an intense competition build period of just six week. The robot was created by a team of high school students with the aid of coaches and mentors. The team meets at The Leonardo and was a finalist at the Utah FIRST Robotics Competition Regional and earned a […]

Utah Rocketry Club

  Exhibit display of rockets and information about club, activities, and launches.

Active Learning Lab

We just finished a year-long project working with a high school and a middle school to utilize a newly built Fab Lab to design activities to expose students to STEM through the use of e-textiles, 3-D printing, Arduino technology and programming. We look forward to sharing some of our work with SLC Maker Faire. Young […]