Virtual Reality — Oculus and Gear VR

The Oculus DK2 is a distinctive experience. Join us in exploring this new universe and pushing the limits of human existence! We have some unique things to offer the VR community. Our organizer Chris Madsen is well known as “deeprifter” in the VR world. He is our connection to the current happenings in the VR […]

3.14 Things to do with a Raspberry Pi

We’re brining three or four projects built with the Raspberry Pi, including an underwater ROV (modeled on OpenROV), a simple tank-drive rover with a ping-pong ball launcher, an arcade box, and one more quick-and-dirty project that I haven’t made yet.


e-NABLE is comprised of an exponentially growing, world-wide distributed and self-organized contributor base focused on development of low cost limb assistant devices though the empowering technology of 3D printing. The community is working hard to increase collaboration, develop new designs, and to match volunteer fabricators with recipients.

Make Tinker Share: CNC

I want to share with everybody the abilities that they have in order to get them out in the shop! This is a modified version of the original ShapeOko using an Arduino w/ Grbl Shield motor controller. I’m using the Inventables Easel site to design and cut example projects. No Lathe Pen Challenge:

Ceramic Jellyfish Lamps with Arduino

My Jellyfish lamps provide a soothing ever-changing mood light. They are a joining of ceramic pottery, microprocessors, LEDs, and cloth. The first of the lamps have simple color changing LEDs, the latest has 690 RGB NeoPixels and an Arduino Mega and looks like a Jellyfish (and won a blue ribbon at the State Fair).

Ecotrike Pinata

For 2017 we’re turning one of the Ecotrikes into a mobile mouse pinata! Come take a test drive. The Ecotrike is a solar chargeable electric vehicle. This vehicle is registered, licensed and has a vin number. The trike goes 30 miles per hour and gets about 50 miles on a single charge. The vehicle takes about 5 hours […]

We Are All Game

I will be doing sketches for attendees. We’re All Game is a comic about school age friends learning to be better people through gaming and better gamers through life’s lessons.