All Spark Cube

The All Spark Cube is a 3-dimensional display monitor, named in honor of the device that provides life-giving force to the “Transformers” (a 2007 Live Action Film). Our Cube contains 4096 LEDs organized into a 2” wide grid. The entire structure is almost 4 feet square and 6 feet tall.

Makers: Kevin Yackley, Ian Nate, Spencer Owen, Thomas Bennett, Kevin King


  Vernon Carlson, Shad Krueger

The Frea Market

Items at The Frea Market are not exactly free…The Frea Market works on a MAKE AND TAKE barter system. Make us something and we’ll make you a trade. Make us a drawing. Make us a poem. Make us laugh with your hilarious joke. Make us understand thermonuclear dynamics. Whatever it is, make it great!

First Lego League – PiPod

Pi POD is a FIRST LEGO League team. We build robots out of LEGOs and engage in friendly competition. Visit our booth to learn how LEGO Mindstorms robots work. We have created some new challenges for our robots. Come see if they are up to the task.

Encaustic Workshop

Encaustic – Learn the ancient artform of painting with wax. Using crayons, paraffin wax, and a variety of tools you will learn to melt, scrape, layer, and paint your way to a beautiful work of art.

Batik Workshop

Learn the ancient technique of Batik painting. Create a design with wax on fabric and paint dyes to create a one-of-a-kind scarf to take with you. All supplies and tools provided.