Faire Category: Woodwork

Thanksgiving Point Makerspace

3D Printing, Activity, CNC, Demo, Exhibit, Laser Cutter, Maker Spaces, STEM Education, Spectacle, Technology, Textile/Sewing, Woodwork, Youth

The Thanksgiving Point Makerspace has an afterschool program providing classes in a variety of maker skills, come see what our students have been working on this year. Tools we use: laser cutter, CNC, 3D Printing, e-textiles, woodworking, electronics, …

James Baldwin
Mirielle Sanford
James Balden
Sara Wootten
The Operation Inquiry students

Giant and Small DIY Pinball Machines

Activity, DIY, Design, Engineering, Recycling and Upcycling, Toys, Woodwork

These pinball machines are made with thrifted toys and scavenged parts. The smaller pinball machines competed with an entire arts festival and had kids around it nonstop. I had no idea what to expect as it was my first pinball table and first big proje …

Beth Sallay + other makers

Whirly Sculpture of CNC Cut Wood

CNC, Exhibit, Installation, Mechanics/Gears, Woodwork

I will be showing a wooden moving sculpture using wooden parts and gears that are CNC cut.

Tom Demogines

UTNG Kids Maker Club Projects

Activity, Maker Spaces, Toys, Woodwork, Youth

We as a military maker club have made several things we want to bring and show: corn hole boards, rubber band cross bows, hidden alarm, kick stick, hover craft cd.

Kiersten, Gunnar, Meg, Eliza, Zack, Brayden, Porter, Tyler, Jaydon, Josiah, Jake, Cate, Sam

Destiny Sparrow

Activity, Arduino, Cardboard, Installation, LED, Props and Set Design, Sculpture, Woodwork

A few years ago I build a full-size (10′ long) Sparrow from the video game Destiny. A Sparrow is like a land-speeder from Star Wars, or like a motorcycle that hovers. Except mine doesn’t hover. It was made in my garage with a 2×4 lumber frame to suppor …

Zach Pickard

Utah Builders Community – Temple of Awareness

Art, Building, Exhibit, Presentation, Sculpture, Woodwork

The Utah Builders Community is a collective of artists, technicians, dreamers and builders. Inspired by creating community-based interactive art for Burning Man, our intention is to help bring this magic into communities near and far. Our mission; Buil …

John Ward, Bobby Gittins, Topher Danater, Alice Toler, Gillian Rawcliffe, Rio Wimmer, Zina Bennett, Anne Russo, Cassie Plant, Lisa Marie Schull, Olga Nikishin, Robin Alexandra, David Powell, Bo Dean, Holly Bird, Stan Clawsen, David Born, Nick Poselli, Joe Russo, Kelly Stirling


Activity, Art or Modified Vehicle, DIY, Demo, Engineering, Exhibit, Outdoor Skills, STEM Education, Toys, Woodwork, Workshop

Build Camp is an opportunity for youth 11-18 and children 5-10 to participate in hands on engineering, designing, building, and testing of fun, useful, and exciting projects. In 2015 we built 2 motorized drift trikes, a 7′ diameter hover craft, a spot …

Joshua Chapman
Isaac Chapman
Ethan Chapman
Camille Chapman

Make Tinker Share: CNC

Activity, CNC, Demo, Exhibit, Maker Tools, Woodwork

I want to share with everybody the abilities that they have in order to get them out in the shop! This is a modified version of the original ShapeOko using an Arduino w/ Grbl Shield motor controller. I’m using the Inventables Easel site to design and c …

Marc Schaefermeyer

Wood Crossbows

Activity, Exhibit, Outdoor Skills, Toys, Woodwork, Youth

We will be making wood crossbows and bow and arrows and will have a small target set up within our booth so people can practice their shooting skills.

Beany's Toy Shop

Woodworking and signs with a small CNC

Activity, CNC, Demo, Digital Fabrication, Woodwork

Steve Howe