Faire Category: Textile/Sewing

How Weaving Became Computing

Computer Science, Textile/Sewing

Did you know that the history of cloth-making leads right to the early days of computing? We’ll trace the technology of weaving as it gets more and more complicated, through to the early computing machines.

Miriam Felton

Leather Projects with Scrappy Leather Kids

Activity, Children, Costume, Craft, DIY, Exhibit, Maker Spaces, Recycling and Upcycling, Textile/Sewing, Youth

We will be demonstrating quick leather working projects made from scraps by kids (or adults!) to give as gifts to show how with just a little imagination we can reduce what we throw away.

Johnathan Bennion
Colette Bennion
Nicolle Bennion

Thanksgiving Point Makerspace

3D Printing, Activity, CNC, Demo, Exhibit, Laser Cutter, Maker Spaces, STEM Education, Spectacle, Technology, Textile/Sewing, Woodwork, Youth

The Thanksgiving Point Makerspace has an afterschool program providing classes in a variety of maker skills, come see what our students have been working on this year. Tools we use: laser cutter, CNC, 3D Printing, e-textiles, woodworking, electronics, …

James Baldwin
Mirielle Sanford
James Balden
Sara Wootten
The Operation Inquiry students

Active Learning Lab

Activity, Arduino, Children, Electronics, Exhibit, Maker Spaces, Science, Textile/Sewing, Youth

We just finished a year-long project working with a high school and a middle school to utilize a newly built Fab Lab to design activities to expose students to STEM through the use of e-textiles, 3-D printing, Arduino technology and programming. We loo …

Utah State University Makers:
Dr. Taylor Martin and Dr. Sarah Brasiel and Graduate Research Assistants: Dallin Graham, Scott Smith, and Soojeong Jeong.
Design activities developed Summer 2013 by Dr. Deborah Fields, Tommy Amely, and Janell Amely

O-Sew: Open Source Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Arduino, CNC, Open Source, Textile/Sewing

O-Sew is a project to make an open source sewing and embroidery machine.

Brian Christmas
Chris Hanks
Jeff Moyes


Craft, Exhibit, Recycling and Upcycling, Textile/Sewing

I make plush toys from repurposed fabrics. My most popular product, are my ninjas that got tired of wearing black. The ninjas wear tweed, plaid, herringbone or pinstripes, and don bow ties, bows and mustaches.

Amy Hunter
Reed Hunter
Helen Hunter
James Moyer