Faire Category: Science

O-Falak Star Tracker

Arduino, Demo, Exhibit, Photography, Presentation, Science

A star tracker is a device that astrophotographers use to take long exposure photos of the night sky. The camera is mounted on the tracker and the tracker is aligned with rotation axis of the Earth. Then the tracker moves the camera and keeps it aligne …

Seyyed Ali Hedayat Mofidi

Monster Bubbles

Activity, Chemistry, Children, Demo, Science, Spectacle

Giant soap bubbles made with Monster Bubbles solution and string wands. Hundreds of smaller bubbles made with net-wands.

Worbla Cuffs with Thanksgiving Point Makerspace

Activity, Art, Costume, Demo, STEM Education, Science, Workshop, Youth

Students from the Maker space at Thanksgiving Point will teach approximately 30 kids on the science of thermoplastics and then help them make their own custom cuffs.

Debra Van Wagoner
Mary Bucklew
Megan Anderson
Melissa Wiggins
Grace Butler
Josh Grover
Chase Stothers

Ionic SoulSonic – Musical Tesla Coil

Art, Electronics, Exhibit, Installation, Music & Sound, Science, Spectacle

A ~6ft. tall Musical Tesla Coil (Dual Resonant Solid State topology) that can be played interactively through a MIDI keyboard, or play MIDI files from a computer.

Michael Robinson

BioEYES Utah with Zebrafish and Microscopes

Activity, Exhibit, Nature Science, Science

We will bring adult zebrafish, zebrafish embryos, microscopes and other related objects to allow participants to examine and observe the zebrafish development. BioEYES is a hands-on science education program that exposes K-12 students to science and th …

Judith Neugebauer
Valerie Butler
Steve Farber
Jamie Shuda

ProVolt Makerspace

Demo, Exhibit, Maker Spaces, Science

We are ProVolt Makerspace, we will show our Silhouette machine, and various things we have made at the space. ProVolt is a makerspace located in Provo.

John Fenley

Ardusat – Cubesats for Education

Children, Demo, Engineering, Exhibit, STEM Education, Satellites, Science, Space, Youth

Ardusat is an education technology company that provides the unique opportunity to connect the universe to the classroom. With our next generation learning resources, students can create their own satellite experiments and collect real-world space-data …

Sunny Washington
Kevin Cocco
Tiffany Powell

Active Learning Lab

Activity, Arduino, Children, Electronics, Exhibit, Maker Spaces, Science, Textile/Sewing, Youth

We just finished a year-long project working with a high school and a middle school to utilize a newly built Fab Lab to design activities to expose students to STEM through the use of e-textiles, 3-D printing, Arduino technology and programming. We loo …

Utah State University Makers:
Dr. Taylor Martin and Dr. Sarah Brasiel and Graduate Research Assistants: Dallin Graham, Scott Smith, and Soojeong Jeong.
Design activities developed Summer 2013 by Dr. Deborah Fields, Tommy Amely, and Janell Amely