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WiFi Remote-Controlled Car

Activity, Demo, Programming, Raspberry Pi

I am using a raspberry pi micro-computer to give a remote control car internet connectivity so that it can be controlled from anywhere using the internet and wi-fi.

Ted Goodell, Jordan Vogel


Arduino, Demo, Exhibit, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, STEM Education, Technology

An autonomous robot that uses a 2D Lidar sensor to navigate around and create a map of its surroundings. This is a simple low-cost project that anyone can make on their own. Instructions and details about how to do it will be available.

Wayne Rust
Natalie Rust

3.14 Things to do with a Raspberry Pi

Activity, Arduino, Exhibit, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, Underwater Exploration, Youth

We’re brining three or four projects built with the Raspberry Pi, including an underwater ROV (modeled on OpenROV), a simple tank-drive rover with a ping-pong ball launcher, an arcade box, and one more quick-and-dirty project that I haven’t made yet.

Collin Brockway
Lauren Brockway
Chuck Brockway
Karen Brockway

Bridgerland Area Maker Movement

3D Printing, Activity, Arduino, Exhibit, Maker Spaces, Programming, Raspberry Pi

We’re sharing projects from our Cache Valley makerspace: Raspberry Pi running Minecraft, Scratch, Arduino, Reprap 3D printer, and more!

Walter Gunter and kids
Cody Erickson
Stacey Erickson
John Pope

Nautilus, Jr.

Arduino, Demo, Exhibit, Raspberry Pi, Underwater Exploration

This is an underwater robot, modeled after the OpenROV designs (www.openrov.com). It was built from scratch out of acrylic and aluminum.

Chuck Brockway
Collin Brockway

Addicore – Electronics Kits and Supplies

Arduino, Demo, Electronics, Exhibit, Kits, Programming, Raspberry Pi, Youth

The makers at Addicore are focused on bringing great electronic parts and kits to makers like ourselves. Whether you are a maker at home in your garage or basement, a maker at a local hackerspace, a student working on a project, an educator, or even an …

Craig Thompson
Erin Thompson
Aaron Norris
Marcus Olsen

Make: Salt Lake

3D Printing, Activity, Arduino, CNC, Children, Demo, Exhibit, Maker Spaces, Raspberry Pi, Youth

Make Salt Lake is dedicated to promoting local innovation that will produce global change. Make Salt Lake is here to assist the inventor, the entrepreneur and anyone who wants to create something amazing! TOOLS : Make Salt Lake is NOT just your average …

Make Salt Lake