Faire Category: Programming

WiFi Remote-Controlled Car

Activity, Demo, Programming, Raspberry Pi

I am using a raspberry pi micro-computer to give a remote control car internet connectivity so that it can be controlled from anywhere using the internet and wi-fi.

Ted Goodell, Jordan Vogel

Virtual Reality — Oculus and Gear VR

Activity, Demo, Electronics, Internet of Things, Programming, Technology, Virtual Reality

The Oculus DK2 is a distinctive experience. Join us in exploring this new universe and pushing the limits of human existence! We have some unique things to offer the VR community. Our organizer Chris Madsen is well known as “deeprifter” in the VR world …

Salt Lake Valley Virtual Reality

Utah Games Guild

Activity, Demo, Gaming, Programming, Youth

Video games made here in Utah! Come play games in various stages of completion. The Utah Games Guild is an organization dedicated to growing and supporting the Utah independent video game development community. We do it through a combination of public …

Utah Underwater Robotics

Demo, Electronics, Engineering, Exhibit, Programming, Robotics, Underwater Exploration

Utah Underwater Robotics (UUR) is an outreach program for middle school students to build tethered, underwater robots while learning valuable concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Bridgerland Area Maker Movement

3D Printing, Activity, Arduino, Exhibit, Maker Spaces, Programming, Raspberry Pi

We’re sharing projects from our Cache Valley makerspace: Raspberry Pi running Minecraft, Scratch, Arduino, Reprap 3D printer, and more!

Walter Gunter and kids
Cody Erickson
Stacey Erickson
John Pope

Addicore – Electronics Kits and Supplies

Arduino, Demo, Electronics, Exhibit, Kits, Programming, Raspberry Pi, Youth

The makers at Addicore are focused on bringing great electronic parts and kits to makers like ourselves. Whether you are a maker at home in your garage or basement, a maker at a local hackerspace, a student working on a project, an educator, or even an …

Craig Thompson
Erin Thompson
Aaron Norris
Marcus Olsen

Make Your Own Cryptocurrency

Activity, Demo, Exchange Systems, Open Source, Programming

I will demonstrate what a cryptocurrency is and how to use the decentralized, open source, secure and simple https://counterwallet.co/ to quickly create your own Cryptocurrency! You will walk away with your own personal electronic currency. Trade your …

Wil Bown
Peter Strohmeyer

All Spark Cube

Art, Design, Installation, LED, Light Art, Programming, Technology

The All Spark Cube is a 3-dimensional display monitor, named in honor of the device that provides life-giving force to the “Transformers” (a 2007 Live Action Film). Our Cube contains 4096 LEDs organized into a 2” wide grid. The entire structure is almost 4 feet square and 6 feet tall. Makers: Kevin Yackley, Ian Nate, Spencer Owen, Thomas Bennett, Kevin King

Kevin Yackley, Ian Nate, Spencer Owen, Thomas Bennett, Kevin King 

Jellyfish 12000

Activity, Art or Modified Vehicle, DIY, Electronics, LED, Light Art, Music & Sound, Programming, Spectacle, Technology


Beginning Scratch

Activity, Computer Science, Programming, Workshop

Beginning Scratch | The School of Computing GREAT Workshops