Faire Category: Music & Sound

Conquer Monster

Circuit Bending, Demo, Electronics, Engineering, Music & Sound, Performance, Retro Technology, Spectacle

Conquer Monster incorporates modified obsolete computing equipment along with analog synthesizers to create experimental electronic soundscapes.

Daniel Romero
Joshua Faulkner

Ionic SoulSonic – Musical Tesla Coil

Art, Electronics, Exhibit, Installation, Music & Sound, Science, Spectacle

A ~6ft. tall Musical Tesla Coil (Dual Resonant Solid State topology) that can be played interactively through a MIDI keyboard, or play MIDI files from a computer.

Michael Robinson

Sonic Sculpture

Art, Exhibit, Installation, Metalwork, Music & Sound, Sculpture

  The Sonic Sculpture was commissioned as one of the honorarium art projects at this years Burning Man festival, and the Utah regional Burning Man event, Element 11. The Sonic Sculpture is an interactive musical sculpture; part futuristic sculptur …

John Ward

Midi Controlled LED Video Mapper

Activity, Demo, Engineering, Light Art, Music & Sound, Spectacle

  Demonstration of using the apple IAC internal midi bus to control video server output to LED video panels

Steven J P Comeau

The “Veggie Piano”

Activity, Electronics, Music & Sound

  The “Veggie Piano” an Interactive music and science exhibit for youth. Youth can create music and learn about electricity through this fun hands-on exhibit.

The Mundi Project and Computer Club House
Hana Janatova (The Mundi Project)
Carole Costa (Computer Club House)
Jan Nelson (Computer Club House)

Solar Saucer

Art or Modified Vehicle, Design, Electronics, Engineering, Exhibit, Installation, Metalwork, Music & Sound, Recycling and Upcycling, Spectacle

The Solar Saucer is a mobile solar powered art installation. It has 6 pv solar panels that charge 16 deep cycle batteries that power everything from a DJ and sound system to lights and cell phones. The Solar Saucer is built entirely from found and repu …

Scotty Soltronic and friends

Jellyfish 12000

Activity, Art or Modified Vehicle, DIY, Electronics, LED, Light Art, Music & Sound, Programming, Spectacle, Technology