Faire Category: Light Art

Groovy TubiLights

Activity, Cardboard, Installation, LED, Light Art, Performance

Groovy TubiLights is a simple interactive installation that displays beams of light onto walls and surfaces coming out of long tubes. Each of the 24 lights is individually controlled and the set can be programmed to display dynamic patterns. The effect …

Doug Steel

Illuminate Salt Lake

Exhibit, LED, Light Art

We’ll be demoing some LED rigs & light projection pieces to promote the Utah Arts Alliance’s upcoming Illuminate Salt Lake Projection Art & Technology festival in November.

Utah Arts Alliance: Derek Dyer, Andrew Watson, Rio Wimmer, Michael Christensen

Blue Meanie Art Car

Activity, Art, Art or Modified Vehicle, Exhibit, Light Art, Spectacle, Youth

Come see the Blue Meanie-est art car at the Faire!

Thomas Johnson

Ceramic Jellyfish Lamps with Arduino

Arduino, Ceramic, Exhibit, LED, Light Art, Pottery

My Jellyfish lamps provide a soothing ever-changing mood light. They are a joining of ceramic pottery, microprocessors, LEDs, and cloth. The first of the lamps have simple color changing LEDs, the latest has 690 RGB NeoPixels and an Arduino Mega and lo …

Bill James

Midi Controlled LED Video Mapper

Activity, Demo, Engineering, Light Art, Music & Sound, Spectacle

  Demonstration of using the apple IAC internal midi bus to control video server output to LED video panels

Steven J P Comeau

All Spark Cube

Art, Design, Installation, LED, Light Art, Programming, Technology

The All Spark Cube is a 3-dimensional display monitor, named in honor of the device that provides life-giving force to the “Transformers” (a 2007 Live Action Film). Our Cube contains 4096 LEDs organized into a 2” wide grid. The entire structure is almost 4 feet square and 6 feet tall. Makers: Kevin Yackley, Ian Nate, Spencer Owen, Thomas Bennett, Kevin King

Kevin Yackley, Ian Nate, Spencer Owen, Thomas Bennett, Kevin King 

Jellyfish 12000

Activity, Art or Modified Vehicle, DIY, Electronics, LED, Light Art, Music & Sound, Programming, Spectacle, Technology