Faire Category: Computer Science

How Weaving Became Computing

Computer Science, Textile/Sewing

Did you know that the history of cloth-making leads right to the early days of computing? We’ll trace the technology of weaving as it gets more and more complicated, through to the early computing machines.

Miriam Felton

“The Tessera” Game Development Studio

Computer Science, Gaming

Ever wanted to look inside a game developer’s studio? Come explore the backstage of “The Tessera,” a free computer science-mystery game that you can play in the real world, not just on your screen. Help us design our game, and while you’re here, we’ll …

Brigham Young University
The University of Maryland
The National Science Foundation

Beginning Scratch

Activity, Computer Science, Programming, Workshop

Beginning Scratch | The School of Computing GREAT Workshops  

Intro to Arduino

Activity, Arduino, Computer Science, Demo, Programming, Workshop