Faire Category: Cardboard

Groovy TubiLights

Activity, Cardboard, Installation, LED, Light Art, Performance

Groovy TubiLights is a simple interactive installation that displays beams of light onto walls and surfaces coming out of long tubes. Each of the 24 lights is individually controlled and the set can be programmed to display dynamic patterns. The effect …

Doug Steel

Out of the Box – Cardboard Building with The Leonardo

Activity, Building, Cardboard, Exhibit, Installation

Come see our 10×10 ft cardboard biplane (big enough for 2 guests to sit in the cockpit) and  a 3×3 ft cardboard chess board that people can play. We’ll share info about the process used to design and cut these cardboard items. We will also have a hands …

The Leonardo
Emily Crump

Destiny Sparrow

Activity, Arduino, Cardboard, Installation, LED, Props and Set Design, Sculpture, Woodwork

A few years ago I build a full-size (10′ long) Sparrow from the video game Destiny. A Sparrow is like a land-speeder from Star Wars, or like a motorcycle that hovers. Except mine doesn’t hover. It was made in my garage with a 2×4 lumber frame to suppor …

Zach Pickard

AT ST Roving Costume

Cardboard, Costume, Spectacle

This project started 3 yrs ago. And it all started from a pair of drywall stilts that were being thrown away at my work — knowing I had to us them for a costume of some sort. After much pondering, I eventually landed on this one. Building from miniatur …

Rauben Rib Creed

Prop Fabrication with Recycled Materials

Activity Type, Cardboard, Demo, Design, Props and Set Design

Hraefn will exhibit examples of, discuss and perform limited demonstration of his artistic and prop build techniques using paper, cardboard and other re purposed materials.

Hraefn Wulfson

Giant Cardboard Robot Arms – Laser Cut Edition

Activity, Cardboard, Costume, Craft, Laser Cutter

Pretty self explanatory, eh?

Cardboard Challenge

Activity, Art, Building, Cardboard, Children, Recycling and Upcycling, Toys

We have a bus full of cardboard and some cool connectors. Let’s make it into something crazy or magical. Hosted by cardboard expert Mason.