Faire Category: Building

5′ Foot-Operated Mechanical Hand

Activity, Art, Building, Mechanics/Gears

Test your foot skills with the giant mechanical hand. Each digit is operated separately by stepping on the foot pedals and using levers and pulleys.

Paul Winder

Animatronic Monster

3D Printing, Activity, Arduino, Building, CNC, Demo, Design, Digital Fabrication, Electronics, Exhibit, Metalwork, Presentation, STEM Education, Welding

I will be showing the development and inner workings of an animatronic monster at SLC Mini Maker Faire. I’ll also be showing a steel back pack made of an antique heater, notebooks, and other projects I’ve worked on through Rusted Friend, my fabrication …

Isaac Doubek
Sagan Gotberg
Akira Jones

Out of the Box – Cardboard Building with The Leonardo

Activity, Building, Cardboard, Exhibit, Installation

Come see our 10×10 ft cardboard biplane (big enough for 2 guests to sit in the cockpit) and  a 3×3 ft cardboard chess board that people can play. We’ll share info about the process used to design and cut these cardboard items. We will also have a hands …

The Leonardo
Emily Crump

Utah Builders Community – Temple of Awareness

Art, Building, Exhibit, Presentation, Sculpture, Woodwork

The Utah Builders Community is a collective of artists, technicians, dreamers and builders. Inspired by creating community-based interactive art for Burning Man, our intention is to help bring this magic into communities near and far. Our mission; Buil …

John Ward, Bobby Gittins, Topher Danater, Alice Toler, Gillian Rawcliffe, Rio Wimmer, Zina Bennett, Anne Russo, Cassie Plant, Lisa Marie Schull, Olga Nikishin, Robin Alexandra, David Powell, Bo Dean, Holly Bird, Stan Clawsen, David Born, Nick Poselli, Joe Russo, Kelly Stirling

Make Salt Lake – Makerspace

Activity, Arduino, Building, Maker Spaces, Photography

Make Salt Lake is a makerspace located in downtown Salt Lake City. The community-run space features a wood shop, electronics, 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutter, leather tooling, and community support to work on all of your projects.

Make Salt Lake

Hovercraft by Buildcamp

Activity, Art or Modified Vehicle, Building, Children, Installation, STEM Education, Youth

Cardboard Challenge

Activity, Art, Building, Cardboard, Children, Recycling and Upcycling, Toys

We have a bus full of cardboard and some cool connectors. Let’s make it into something crazy or magical. Hosted by cardboard expert Mason.