Faire Category: Art or Modified Vehicle


Activity, Art or Modified Vehicle, DIY, Demo, Engineering, Exhibit, Outdoor Skills, STEM Education, Toys, Woodwork, Workshop

Build Camp is an opportunity for youth 11-18 and children 5-10 to participate in hands on engineering, designing, building, and testing of fun, useful, and exciting projects. In 2015 we built 2 motorized drift trikes, a 7′ diameter hover craft, a spot …

Joshua Chapman
Isaac Chapman
Ethan Chapman
Camille Chapman

Blue Meanie Art Car

Activity, Art, Art or Modified Vehicle, Exhibit, Light Art, Spectacle, Youth

Come see the Blue Meanie-est art car at the Faire!

Thomas Johnson

Solar Saucer

Art or Modified Vehicle, Design, Electronics, Engineering, Exhibit, Installation, Metalwork, Music & Sound, Recycling and Upcycling, Spectacle

The Solar Saucer is a mobile solar powered art installation. It has 6 pv solar panels that charge 16 deep cycle batteries that power everything from a DJ and sound system to lights and cell phones. The Solar Saucer is built entirely from found and repu …

Scotty Soltronic and friends

Yellow Submarine art car

Activity, Art, Art or Modified Vehicle, Children, Spectacle

  The Yellow Submarine is an art vehicle built on a golf cart. It has been delighting kids and adults since 2001 and is an excellent form of transportation when going out for ice cream.

Thomas Johnson

Jellyfish 12000

Activity, Art or Modified Vehicle, DIY, Electronics, LED, Light Art, Music & Sound, Programming, Spectacle, Technology


Chatterbox art car

Activity, Art or Modified Vehicle

Friendly Drivers: Fernando Barrozo