Faire Category: Arduino

O-Falak Star Tracker

Arduino, Demo, Exhibit, Photography, Presentation, Science

A star tracker is a device that astrophotographers use to take long exposure photos of the night sky. The camera is mounted on the tracker and the tracker is aligned with rotation axis of the Earth. Then the tracker moves the camera and keeps it aligne …

Seyyed Ali Hedayat Mofidi

Animatronic Monster

3D Printing, Activity, Arduino, Building, CNC, Demo, Design, Digital Fabrication, Electronics, Exhibit, Metalwork, Presentation, STEM Education, Welding

I will be showing the development and inner workings of an animatronic monster at SLC Mini Maker Faire. I’ll also be showing a steel back pack made of an antique heater, notebooks, and other projects I’ve worked on through Rusted Friend, my fabrication …

Isaac Doubek
Sagan Gotberg
Akira Jones

Destiny Sparrow

Activity, Arduino, Cardboard, Installation, LED, Props and Set Design, Sculpture, Woodwork

A few years ago I build a full-size (10′ long) Sparrow from the video game Destiny. A Sparrow is like a land-speeder from Star Wars, or like a motorcycle that hovers. Except mine doesn’t hover. It was made in my garage with a 2×4 lumber frame to suppor …

Zach Pickard

Developing a Low-cost Robot Arm 3D Printer

3D Printing, Arduino, Demo, Engineering, Exhibit, Robotics, Youth

A new style of 3D printer that is much cheaper than others. This uses a robot arm instead of a linear system. Right now I have a version that I made for $100 with a build volume twice as large as normal 3D printers that cost much more. I am also workin …

Zachary Allen


Arduino, Demo, Exhibit, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, STEM Education, Technology

An autonomous robot that uses a 2D Lidar sensor to navigate around and create a map of its surroundings. This is a simple low-cost project that anyone can make on their own. Instructions and details about how to do it will be available.

Wayne Rust
Natalie Rust

LED Color Bot

Arduino, Art, Children, Electronics, Exhibit, LED, Robotics, Youth

This is an interactive user experience where your hands are the controller. Programmed with arduino, this bot will simulate the movement of your hands and do a light painting following those movements. It uses a three axis gyro board to sense movements …

Pheonix Jones

Make Salt Lake – Makerspace

Activity, Arduino, Building, Maker Spaces, Photography

Make Salt Lake is a makerspace located in downtown Salt Lake City. The community-run space features a wood shop, electronics, 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutter, leather tooling, and community support to work on all of your projects.

Make Salt Lake

3.14 Things to do with a Raspberry Pi

Activity, Arduino, Exhibit, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, Underwater Exploration, Youth

We’re brining three or four projects built with the Raspberry Pi, including an underwater ROV (modeled on OpenROV), a simple tank-drive rover with a ping-pong ball launcher, an arcade box, and one more quick-and-dirty project that I haven’t made yet.

Collin Brockway
Lauren Brockway
Chuck Brockway
Karen Brockway

Bridgerland Area Maker Movement

3D Printing, Activity, Arduino, Exhibit, Maker Spaces, Programming, Raspberry Pi

We’re sharing projects from our Cache Valley makerspace: Raspberry Pi running Minecraft, Scratch, Arduino, Reprap 3D printer, and more!

Walter Gunter and kids
Cody Erickson
Stacey Erickson
John Pope

Ultrascope Explorer – Telescope

3D Printing, Arduino, Citizen Science, DIY, Laser Cutter

The Ultrascope project is a mostly 3D-printed, and laser-cut telescope with motors for remote control. The project goal is to develop a DIY telescope that would cost a tenth of a comparable pro-level telescope. It’s a robot telescope, or Automated Robo …