Faire Category: Presentation

O-Falak Star Tracker

Arduino, Demo, Exhibit, Photography, Presentation, Science

A star tracker is a device that astrophotographers use to take long exposure photos of the night sky. The camera is mounted on the tracker and the tracker is aligned with rotation axis of the Earth. Then the tracker moves the camera and keeps it aligne …

Seyyed Ali Hedayat Mofidi

Alex’s Costume and Food Creations

Activity, Costume, Demo, Presentation, Props and Set Design

Homemade sci-fi/fantasy costumes from Alex the Movie Geek, plus incredible edible food creations. I make: cosplay, costumes, props, movies, geek, food, candy, chocolate. http://www.instructables.com/member/alexthemoviegeek/

Alex Walton

Animatronic Monster

3D Printing, Activity, Arduino, Building, CNC, Demo, Design, Digital Fabrication, Electronics, Exhibit, Metalwork, Presentation, STEM Education, Welding

I will be showing the development and inner workings of an animatronic monster at SLC Mini Maker Faire. I’ll also be showing a steel back pack made of an antique heater, notebooks, and other projects I’ve worked on through Rusted Friend, my fabrication …

Isaac Doubek
Sagan Gotberg
Akira Jones

Utah Builders Community – Temple of Awareness

Art, Building, Exhibit, Presentation, Sculpture, Woodwork

The Utah Builders Community is a collective of artists, technicians, dreamers and builders. Inspired by creating community-based interactive art for Burning Man, our intention is to help bring this magic into communities near and far. Our mission; Buil …

John Ward, Bobby Gittins, Topher Danater, Alice Toler, Gillian Rawcliffe, Rio Wimmer, Zina Bennett, Anne Russo, Cassie Plant, Lisa Marie Schull, Olga Nikishin, Robin Alexandra, David Powell, Bo Dean, Holly Bird, Stan Clawsen, David Born, Nick Poselli, Joe Russo, Kelly Stirling

Behind the Scenes at “The Wheel of Time”

Exhibit, Presentation

Makers: Jen McGrew, Hraefn Wulfson Learn the magic of costuming and set/prop building in this behind the scenes “maker” look at “The Wheel of Time” film production.

Jen McGrew, Hraefn Wulfson

Visualizing Data: Why an (Interactive) Picture is Worth 1000 Numbers


Miriah Meyer