Faire Category: Installation

Whirly Sculpture of CNC Cut Wood

CNC, Exhibit, Installation, Mechanics/Gears, Woodwork

I will be showing a wooden moving sculpture using wooden parts and gears that are CNC cut.

Tom Demogines

Brackitz Hands-On Building, Engineering and Creating!

Activity, Exhibit, Installation, Spectacle, Sponsor

Brackitz will present a hands-on play area for visitors including large, creative structures, vehicle assemblies, and general creative building. Fun for all ages and families. hands-on play station: toys + interactive games + fun for kids and adults sc …

Groovy TubiLights

Activity, Cardboard, Installation, LED, Light Art, Performance

Groovy TubiLights is a simple interactive installation that displays beams of light onto walls and surfaces coming out of long tubes. Each of the 24 lights is individually controlled and the set can be programmed to display dynamic patterns. The effect …

Doug Steel

Out of the Box – Cardboard Building with The Leonardo

Activity, Building, Cardboard, Exhibit, Installation

Come see our 10×10 ft cardboard biplane (big enough for 2 guests to sit in the cockpit) and  a 3×3 ft cardboard chess board that people can play. We’ll share info about the process used to design and cut these cardboard items. We will also have a hands …

The Leonardo
Emily Crump

Destiny Sparrow

Activity, Arduino, Cardboard, Installation, LED, Props and Set Design, Sculpture, Woodwork

A few years ago I build a full-size (10′ long) Sparrow from the video game Destiny. A Sparrow is like a land-speeder from Star Wars, or like a motorcycle that hovers. Except mine doesn’t hover. It was made in my garage with a 2×4 lumber frame to suppor …

Zach Pickard

UMOCA Art Truck: Jaime Salvador Castillo and Michael Anthony García

Art, Children, Craft, Installation, Youth

The only traveling educational art exhibit of its kind in Utah, the UMOCA Art Truck will bring exciting and accessible contemporary art, created by leading local and national artists to the Day-Riverside Community. Check out this year’s Art Truck exhib …

Jaime Salvador Castillo, Michael Anthony García, and students from schools all across the state of Utah

Ionic SoulSonic – Musical Tesla Coil

Art, Electronics, Exhibit, Installation, Music & Sound, Science, Spectacle

A ~6ft. tall Musical Tesla Coil (Dual Resonant Solid State topology) that can be played interactively through a MIDI keyboard, or play MIDI files from a computer.

Michael Robinson

Hovercraft by Buildcamp

Activity, Art or Modified Vehicle, Building, Children, Installation, STEM Education, Youth

Sonic Sculpture

Art, Exhibit, Installation, Metalwork, Music & Sound, Sculpture

  The Sonic Sculpture was commissioned as one of the honorarium art projects at this years Burning Man festival, and the Utah regional Burning Man event, Element 11. The Sonic Sculpture is an interactive musical sculpture; part futuristic sculptur …

John Ward

Metal Art Sculptures by Tim Little

Art, Exhibit, Installation, Metalwork, Recycling and Upcycling, Sculpture, Welding

Tim Little’s art is very much re-cycled art. He takes discarded metal parts found in dumpsters and collected, including engine, clutch, tranny, bicycle, motorcycle, and creates metal sculptures. Pistons become horse hooves, bicycle chains become manes, …

Tim Little