Faire Category: Exhibit

Green Urban Lunch Box


Green Urban Lunch Box will have their modified veggie-growing market bus on display as they start to prep for the growing season. The Green Urban Lunch Box uses innovative techniques to find new and creative solutions to the age old problem of hunger. …

Green Urban Lunch Box

Leather Projects with Scrappy Leather Kids

Activity, Children, Costume, Craft, DIY, Exhibit, Maker Spaces, Recycling and Upcycling, Textile/Sewing, Youth

We will be demonstrating quick leather working projects made from scraps by kids (or adults!) to give as gifts to show how with just a little imagination we can reduce what we throw away.

Johnathan Bennion
Colette Bennion
Nicolle Bennion

Zoetrope Animation – Masks

Activity, Exhibit

For this zoetrope animation, clay masks were made from a mold taken from an eyeglass mannequin. The masks are positioned so that they appear to be rotating and levitating as you look through the zoetrope mirror.

Paul Winder

Thanksgiving Point Makerspace

3D Printing, Activity, CNC, Demo, Exhibit, Laser Cutter, Maker Spaces, STEM Education, Spectacle, Technology, Textile/Sewing, Woodwork, Youth

The Thanksgiving Point Makerspace has an afterschool program providing classes in a variety of maker skills, come see what our students have been working on this year. Tools we use: laser cutter, CNC, 3D Printing, e-textiles, woodworking, electronics, …

James Baldwin
Mirielle Sanford
James Balden
Sara Wootten
The Operation Inquiry students

O-Falak Star Tracker

Arduino, Demo, Exhibit, Photography, Presentation, Science

A star tracker is a device that astrophotographers use to take long exposure photos of the night sky. The camera is mounted on the tracker and the tracker is aligned with rotation axis of the Earth. Then the tracker moves the camera and keeps it aligne …

Seyyed Ali Hedayat Mofidi

Whirly Sculpture of CNC Cut Wood

CNC, Exhibit, Installation, Mechanics/Gears, Woodwork

I will be showing a wooden moving sculpture using wooden parts and gears that are CNC cut.

Tom Demogines

Animatronic Monster

3D Printing, Activity, Arduino, Building, CNC, Demo, Design, Digital Fabrication, Electronics, Exhibit, Metalwork, Presentation, STEM Education, Welding

I will be showing the development and inner workings of an animatronic monster at SLC Mini Maker Faire. I’ll also be showing a steel back pack made of an antique heater, notebooks, and other projects I’ve worked on through Rusted Friend, my fabrication …

Isaac Doubek
Sagan Gotberg
Akira Jones

American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

Activity, Demo, Exhibit, Mechanics/Gears

Come learn about the century old art of watchmaking and clockmaking! See demonstrations of how watch and clock parts are made and put together a real working clock. You’ll want to make time for the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute’s exhibit! …

Jordan Ficklin
Aaron Recksieck

Brackitz Hands-On Building, Engineering and Creating!

Activity, Exhibit, Installation, Spectacle, Sponsor

Brackitz will present a hands-on play area for visitors including large, creative structures, vehicle assemblies, and general creative building. Fun for all ages and families. hands-on play station: toys + interactive games + fun for kids and adults sc …

Out of the Box – Cardboard Building with The Leonardo

Activity, Building, Cardboard, Exhibit, Installation

Come see our 10×10 ft cardboard biplane (big enough for 2 guests to sit in the cockpit) and  a 3×3 ft cardboard chess board that people can play. We’ll share info about the process used to design and cut these cardboard items. We will also have a hands …

The Leonardo
Emily Crump